How to Buy a Car Vacuum


Vacuuming is certainly the perfect option for cleaning your car’s interior. It not only cleans areas that are difficult to reach – basically the entire interior – but it also gets rid of the small particles that attach to the seats and other cloth and fibrous portions. Of course, it is also effective in removing germs, mites, and other unwanted elements.

Car vacuums come in two major types – professional wall-mount and cordless handheld like BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L. Wall-mount car vacuums are corded and usually have greater power, but their use is restricted to areas with power outlets. Cordless vacuums, on the other hand, operate on rechargeable batteries, and are not limited when it comes to area of use, although they have restrictions in terms of suction power and duration per use. When deciding which vacuum cleaner to buy for your car, also consider utility and your personal preferences.

If you’re the busy type, portability may be useful to you. Cordless vacuum cleaners may be just right for you. They are smaller and easy to fit into your trunk, and can be used anytime and anywhere because they are powered by batteries. It’s also suitable for nippy touch ups before you pick someone up or if food or drinks are spilled while you’re on a trip. However, if you only usually clean your car while it’s in your garage, then you can choose a corded vacuum cleaner, which is also generally longer-lasting.

Suction power is another thing to consider. Corded vacuum cleaners are bigger and have greater suction power due to their design and motor. You can even use them to clean your home. Should you choose this type of vacuum cleaner, remember that its suction power is also dependent on the battery’s strength and battery life. When buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, find one with a long lasting battery life and enough charge length. It can be very annoying and time wasting to use a vacuum cleaner that keeps dying before you can finish cleaning your vehicle.

Of course, you need to decide which one you want – corded or cordless. Determine which one is better for you. Even if corded vacuum cleaners typically last for a longer period, they will keep running as you keep them plugged. That means your vacuum cleaner won’t die while you’re cleaning your car. Higher-power vacuum cleaners also need more energy to work, so they are usually corded. Choose a portable car vacuum whose design is right for you and your needs. It should have a good reach and some attachments such as different brushes or a longer hose to ensure that all parts of the interior will be cleaned. Take note, a car vacuum cleaner is only as good and useful as how it does its job.


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